Mission: Free Life Apparel is a simple way to improve ones quality of life by creating a comfortable, uninterrupted, and restful night’s sleep.


About the Owner? 

Andrea Lombardo Brogden, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an expert in Musculoskeletal and the Neuromuscular system. Andrea invented the SleepAlign System by listening and working with pregnant women who had trouble sleeping due to back and hip pain, as well as, patients who underwent spine, hip, and knee surgeries.  The system is designed to improve a person’s alignment of spine, neutralize their hips, and decompress lower extremity nerves.  Once the person uses the system, it should allow for uninterrupted sleep and comfort. 

The name Free Life was established by the Greek meaning of the names of Andrea’s two children; and the company is dedicated to them.

Andrea owns the patent and rights to the SleepAlign System. She is the founder, owner, and designer of Free Life. She is dedicated to create effective products to improve the quality of life one person at a time.    

What is the SleepAlign System? 

Free Life produced a patented system to alleviate pressure off the knees, hips, and ankles by keeping them in a neutral position for a comfortable night’s sleep. The leggings and sleeves can be worn by anyone who has ever slept with a pillow between their legs or experience pain in the back, hip, or knee area. The SleepAlign product replaces the pillow and eliminates the frustrating process of searching for the pillow during the night.  

Free Life Apparel is for ANYONE who has pain or discomfort while sleeping.  Our patented foam cushions are designed to give an uninterrupted night’s sleep to those who suffer from insomnia due to pain, patients who had surgery on spine, hips, or knees, and women who have hip and back pain due to pregnancy. 

Why our product works?

On-going sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. People who get 6-8 hours of quality sleep per night are more likely to function better, heal faster, and are less likely to suffer from depression. Research has also shown that after a sound sleep, people tend to retain information and enhance memory.

The system was designed for those who currently sleep with a pillow between their knees and those who experience pain in the back, hip, or knee area to alleviate stress at night, and keep a continuum REM sleep cycle so there is no disruption in sleep patterns.  The system is designed to help alleviate stress and encroachment on the nerves found in the medial aspect of the knees, promote hip and spine alignment, and decrease hip internal rotation of the top leg.

The leggings and sleeves can be worn with and without the foam cushions inserted. The foam cushions act like a “pillow” between your legs and it is strongly recommended that you remove the cushions before you leave your sleep area. Do not walk or run with the cushions in place as this may cause you to trip or fall leading to bodily harm. When the cushions are removed from the leggings or sleeves, they are fashionable enough to be worn for your daily activities.