​Physical Therapy 101

Posted by Dr. Andrea Brogden, PT on Jan 28th 2019

Physical Therapy, also known as physiotherapy, is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by using hands on techniques and exercise rather than drugs or surgery. Inside the field of Physical Therapy are Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants. It is the Physical Therapists who are expert clinicians in the Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular Systems. The field of Physical Therapy started during the year of 1921 and grew vastly during WWII and the polio epidemic.

Physical Therapy has been through a series of evolutions. One being its education. Physical Therapy has progressed to an Entry-Doctorate level. Gaining that Doctorate status has improved the PT field from being a referral source to now an autonomous identity. Since the Doctorate program is relatively new nationwide, each state has different laws on how we practice. The goal is to make it easier for the patient to not have to be assessed multiple times and decrease the amount of time lost to treat the injury and money for the correct assessment.

I am Doctor of Physical Therapy. It is my job to improve the quality of life of individuals in need of my care. I am extremely passionate about helping others and I feel it was something I was born to do.

I don’t consider what I do as work. It is more of me getting to know another human being, establishing a relationship, and improving their life every time I see them.

Healing with your hands takes a lot of practice, strength, and skill. Whatever is broken in a patient, I can help with the healing process. It is my job to fix you and I take it very seriously. I may see you after a traumatic event like after an injury, surgery, heart attack, stroke, spinal cord injury, before/during/after pregnancy, or a congenital defect. You may feel like your life is over and nothing will ever be the same. In some cases, the patient is right. Their lives have changed, it is up to me to improve their quality of life to where they can function in their daily activities.

Inventing SleepAlign was another way I can help people. My goal is to shed light on the importance of sleep and positioning, not just in general but the benefits it has on healing and the importance of joint health. Stay tuned for more articles and topics on how the SleepAlign system can improve your quality of life.

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